The Canadian Fair Trade Network

The Canadian Fair Trade Network is a non-profit organization working with civil society and industry shareholders to advance the cause of fair trade in Canada. The organization promotes collaboration and good practices within the Fair Trade movement to enhance Canada’s commitment to international social responsibility.

Its mission is to foster linkages, knowledge, sharing and action that advance fair trade in the interests of civil society in Canada.




For many years now, many Quebec fair trade companies and organizations have been working to promote and develop the movement in the province of Quebec. Whether it is through awareness-raising or product sales, a great deal of investment and energy is made to defend a more fair trade way of trade towards the producing communities of the South.

That is why actors from all over Quebec came together and decided to create an independent association in order to be a strong and unavoidable interlocutor on the Quebec scene.

The Quebec Fair Trade Association  is the reference agency for fair trade in Quebec. Its mission is to support members who join and implement the values and principles of fair trade. This support takes the form of education, promotion, consultation and mobilization.


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