L’AMIE is a non-profit organization that works for the well-being of disadvantaged children around the world. The organization’s mission is to meet the basic needs of children in developing countries and to establish the basis of their autonomy; to raise awareness of the rights, needs and ways of helping children in developing countries. L’AMIE’s approach has always been about sustainable development, as well as supporting local initiatives of its partners. With this in mind, Fair Trade is a great way to support Southern co-ops while respecting their work through better pay, fairer economic input and long-term commitment.

One of L’AMIE’s sectors of activity is public awareness and education in Quebec. Beyond an economic contribution of importance for the producers of the South compared to that of the conventional commerce, the fair trade thus allows the families to live better and by the same fact, with the children to have better conditions of life and a better future through access to education.

Partner of the Fair Trade Month event for a few years, L’AMIE is always proud to be part of the organizing committee of this great meeting, exchange, promotion and awareness event that celebrates fair trade in all its dimensions.


Contribute to the advancement of public education about cultural differences, fair trade and the multiple facets of poverty by providing training activities, including thematic workshops, as well as organizing and conducting educational abroad.

For us, the notion of “living together” is important and takes its full extent through intergenerational and intercultural relations to build a world of mutual help and sharing.

From a perspective of awareness, commitment, reduction of poverty and sustainable development, AVES offers various introductory activities to international cooperation, promotes the development of fair trade and contributes to the development of local communities and elsewhere.

Engineers Without Borders Pro-Québec

Engineers Without Borders has always been engaged in the fight against poverty in a systematic way, beyond simple acts of charity. That is why the organization promotes fair trade as an alternative way to trade, to improve the working conditions and quality of life of producers.

Distribution équitable

Distribution équitable’s mission is to market the Organic and Fair Trade products that are cultivated or manufactured by the families of small cooperatives in Peru in partnership with Distribution Solidaire whose mission in Peru is education for sustainable development.

Distribution équitable is also very involved in the awareness and consumer education of Fair Trade certified products, both in schools and among all consumers.

Distribution équitable believes that a better world is possible one step at a time, but a collective and responsible gesture!

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