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The Nominated Fair Trade School has received Fairtrade Canada Fair Trade School Designation in the past year. The nominee has therefore taken a big step towards fair trade by posing one or more actions that have supported the fair trade movement in Quebec.

The Designated Fair trade School Award recognizes schools in Quebec that demonstrate a strong commitment to fair trade by its students, teachers and administrators. The nominated school has a long-term vision for widespread awareness and support for fair trade in Quebec schools and in neighboring communities.

Through its actions at her school, the Fair Trade Designation Committee met all the requirements of Fairtrade Canada’s Fair Trade School program. The nominee for this category has been awarded the Fair Trade School designation in the past year.

Fair Trade School Steering Committee√ Who are the members of your steering committee? Does it include 1 administrator, 1 teacher, and a group of at least 2 students ?;

√ Does your steering committee meet at least twice a year to plan and evaluate its fair trade designation ?;

15 points
Availability of products in the school

√ Are there at least two Fair Trade certified products available to students and teachers on a regular basis ?;

√ What are these products?

50 points

Visibility and commitment

√ Does your school have at least 1 fair trade awareness activity during the year ?;

√ Does your school ensure that its involvement in fair trade is visible to students and staff through public displays ?;

√ Does your school include information about fair trade on its website and in its newsletter ?;

35 points

Classroom instruction

√ Does your school demonstrate that fair trade concepts are incorporated into classroom learning ?;

√ Does your school provide the names and contact information of instructors who teach fair trade classes ?;

√ Does your school include a description of their learning activities ?;

√ Does your school have an anonymous sample of fair trade student work ?;

35 points

Please complete this form by March 30, 2018.

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Phone number

Postal code

Date of your designation

Who are the members of your designation committee

Describe the different actions you have taken to achieve the Fair Trade School designation.

Describe the accomplishments of your group that you are most proud of as you move toward the Fair Trade School designation.

Indicate the different promotions and advertisements that you have made to promote your fair trade school campaign (social media, print media, radio interviews ... etc.).

Are there other things you would like to share with the nominating committee that would indicate that the nominated school deserves to win the designated Fair Trade School Award?

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