The Recognition Evening of Quebec Fair Trade Actors

Saturday, May 14 2016

La Korrigane : 380, Dorchester street, Quebec (Quebec) G1K 3P2

The Quebec Fair Trade Month Awards Recognition Evening was held at la Korrigane on the occasion of World Fair Trade Day on Saturday, May 14, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Five laureates have been recognized for their fair trade work over the past year.

The Pioneer: Christian Guiolot

The Pioneer Award was presented to Mr. Christian Guiollot, founder and owner of the UMANO Café-Bistro in Sherbrooke.

Through his actions in its community, the pioneer is the first to take a big step towards fair trade in Quebec. The winner of this category has taken unprecedented actions to support the fair trade movement in Quebec.

Christian founded the Bistro UMANO café in Sherbrooke.

Innovation: Pôle des entreprises d’économie sociale de la région de la Capitale-Nationale

The Innovation Award was presented to le Pôle régional de l’économie sociale de la Capitale-Nationale.

Through its innovative actions, the laureate of this category has demonstrated the creation of new approaches for the development and maintenance of fair trade in Quebec.

Le Pôle régionale de l’économie sociale de la Capitale-Nationale coordinated a Fair Trade business breakfast, the first Quebec designated fair trade event by the Quebec Fair Trade Association and Fairtrade Canada.

The business lunch was held at La Nef on November 22, 2015.

Awareness: Krista Pineau

The Awareness Award was presented to Krista Pineau, who in recent years has raised public awareness of fair trade through her involvement in the Fair Trade Campus movement at Laval University.

Through its awareness-raising activities, the laureate of this category has been able to sensitize new audiences to fair trade.

Krista has been involved in the Fair Trade Campus project at Université Laval, in the Quebec fair trade town project, and has raised awareness of fair trade as a funding tool for her overseas internship.

Involvement: Laurianne Simard

The Involvement Award was presented to Mrs. Laurianne Simard, a Cegep graduate from Ste-Foy who became involved in the Quebec, fair trade town project steering committee.

Through its involvement in the Quebec fair trade movement, the laureate of this category has demonstrated his passion and commitment to fair trade in recent years and stand out in his community.

Laurianne got involved on the steering committee of Quebec, fair trade town in 2015.

Entrepreneurship: Café Chez Paul

The Entrepreneurship Award was presented to le Café Chez Paul at Laval University for promoting Fair trade products to Université Laval students. Not being able to be reached them before the event, we will hand them their Award next September.

Through its social entrepreneurship, the laureate of this category has been able to promote fair trade products.

Café Chez Paul has brought Fair trade coffee to its student café.

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