First Edition of the Recognition of Fair Trade Actors evening

Saturday, May 10 2014

Café Bistro Van-Houtte: 333 St-Amable Street, Quebec City, Quebec G1R 3B1

On the occasion of the World Fair Trade Day and the Quebec Fair trade Forthnight 10th anniversary, the committee and the Quebec Fair Trade Association have innovated in the first edition of a new activity during which they recognized the work of Quebec’s fair trade actors who, through their work and involvement in the North and their support of small producers in the South, are strengthening the movement of fair trade in Quebec. Six awards were delivered by Laure Waridel: the Pioneer, Innovation, Awareness, Involvement, Cooperation, Entrepreneurship.

The Pioneer : McGill

The Pioneer Award was presented to McGill University.

Through its actions in its community, the pioneer was the first to take a major step towards fair trade in Quebec. The winner of this category has taken unprecedented action to support the fair trade movement in Quebec.

McGill is the first designated fair campus in Quebec.

Innovation: Café Bistro Van Houtte

The Innovation Award was presented to le Café Bistro Van Houtte.

Through its innovative actions, the winner of this category has demonstrated the creation of new approaches for the development and maintenance of fair trade in Quebec.

Café Bistro Van Houtte has been a strong contributor to the Fairtrade Canada awareness campaign and has supported this year’s Fair Trade Month in Quebec City.

Awareness: Carrefour Tiers-Monde

The awareness prize was awarded to Carrefour Tiers-Monde.

Through its involvement in the Quebec fair trade movement, the winner of this category has demonstrated his passion and commitment to fair trade in recent years and stand out in his community.

Carrefour Tiers-Monde has managed to stand out in its district through the “Boutique equimonde” and its awareness of responsible consumption among its customers.

Involvement: Christian Guiollot

Cooperation: Éric St-Pierre

The Cooperation Award was given to Éric St-Pierre, photojournalist.

Through its actions in a Southern country, the winner of this category has been able to support one or more groups of small producers in their fair trade implications. The winner has thus realized a real impact within a Southern cooperative.

For his book and his cooperation with multiple cooperatives of small producers around the world.


Entrepreneurship: Karité Delapointe

The Entrepreneurship Award was awarded to Karité Delapointe.

Through its social entrepreneurship, the winner of this category has been able to promote fair trade products.

For its entrepreneurship with cooperatives of producers of shea butter.

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