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The nominee must have taken a major step towards fair trade by having executed one or more actions that have supported the fair trade movement in Quebec

Through her/his actions in her/his community, the pioneer is the first to take a major step towards fair trade in Quebec. The nominee of this category has taken unprecedented actions to support the fair trade movement in Quebec.

Successful promotion of fair trade√ How did your action promote fair trade in Quebec?

√ What was the main purpose of your action?

√ Has the nominee achieved all the desired goals by her / his action?

10 points
Promotion and advertising√ How was your action publicized?

√ Was your action covered by the media?

√ What was the most effective way to publicize your action? Why ?

15 points
Community mobilization√ How many people have attended / been present at your action in the last year 2016?

√ Are there any strategic groups of people or organizations that have been reached? Who ?

√ Why were they important to your community?

√ How did your action bring different groups together?

√ What measures have you implemented to ensure the continued involvement of those present in your action?

20 points
Additional information√ Third party recommendation;

√ Innovation;

√ Exceptional achievements;

5 points

Please complete this form by March 30th 2018.

Name of Contact Person (required)

Affiliated organization and its mission

Email (required)

Phone number



Date and hour


Target audience

Number of people reached

Main reason for action

Was the action part of a bigger event? If yes which? (Eg: Weeks of ...? Festival?)

Describe in a concrete way the unprecedented action that supported the movement of fair trade in Quebec by making it take a big step that you realized.

Indicate the various promotions and advertisements you have made to publicize the unprecedented action that supported the movement of fair trade in Quebec by making it take a big step (Social Media, print media, radio interview, etc.).

Is there anything else you would like to share with the nominating committee that would indicate that the nominee deserves to win the Pionner Award?

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