L’AMIE is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of disadvantaged children worldwide. The organization’s mission is to meet the basic needs of the children of developing countries and to establish the basis for their autonomy; to sensitize society to rights, needs and ways to help children in developing countries. The approach of L’AMIE has always aimed at the sustainable development and the support of local initiatives of its partners. In this context, fair trade is a great way to support southern cooperatives while respecting their work thanks to better pay, a fairer economic contribution and long-term commitment.

One of the activity sectors of L’AMIE is public outreach and awareness. Beyond providing economic importance to Southern producers, fair trade allows families to live better, and by the same fact, allows children to have better living conditions and a better future through the access of an improved education.

As a recent partner of the Quebec Fair trade Month, L’AMIE is always proud to be part of the organizing committee, of this great meetings where, through exchanges, promotion and awareness.

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