La Korrigane

The beers offered by La Korrigane are brewed in a traditional way and meet high quality standards. They are unfiltered, unpasteurized and contain no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

La Korrigane also offers affordable light menus prepared mainly from seasonal local products. The mission of the company includes a cultural and social component aimed at promoting micro-enterprises in Quebec. La Korrigane wants to promote local and regional agri-food companies and especially small-scale artisanal producers. La Korrigane wants to operate according to principles of sustainable development. It has in mind a clear vision of the indivisibility of environmental, social, and economic efficiency. Its mission is one of tasting, of course, but also and above all of education and openness.

The Quebec Fair Trade Month thanks La Korrigane for hosting its events so warmly for several years.

La Foire Écosphère

La Foire Écosphère is the number one environmental event in the Quebec province with more than 200 exhibitors and 40 conferences. We want to bring together the greatest number of stakeholders in the fields of environment and sustainable development so that people can learn about the means and products available to help us change our lifestyle.

Développement international Desjardins (DID)

Founded in 1970 to share the experience and expertise of Desjardins movement, Développement international Desjardins (DID) with developing and emerging countries, its objective is to make accessible to the less favored populations of the planet diversified, safe financial services and meeting their needs. A pioneer in the deployment and development of microfinance around the world, DID is today a world leader in this sector.

A special thank you to DID for the promotion of our activities, our website and our social media on theirs.


SOCODEVI is a network of cooperatives and mutuals that share their technical expertise and knowledge with partners in developing countries. Since 1985, we measure our success by the capacity of our enterprises to become reference models in their environment based on their sustainability and the impact of their activities. Our ultimate objective: improved living conditions for the populations that we assist around the world.

Since 1985

  • 400 projects completed in 40 countries on  4 continents
  • More than 650 technical assistance missions carried out by our member institutions
  • 700 organizations and enterprises assisted

We would like to thank SOCODEVI for being a partner for publication of the 2017 Quebec Fair Trade Month information.

SDC St-Roch

The Business Development Corporation (SDC) is a non-profit corporation that brings together business people (service, retail and entertainment companies) operating in its business district.

The goal of the SDC St-Roch is to promote the development and economic vitality of downtown Quebec City. It is also mandated to promote the development of business and its environment in a harmonious manner, with the concern to preserve the uniqueness of the neighborhood.

We thank the SDC St-Roch for being a collaborator and for spreading the information of the 2018 Quebec Fair Trade Month.


SDC Montcalm

The Business Development Corporation (SDC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and implement strategies to ensure the commercial vitality of its territory. It supports and brings together more than 225 merchants. Members are business owners and as such, the group is democratically managed by business people for business people. The SDC strives to create the best possible business environment by ensuring the proper management of the evolution of the files of its members in addition to meeting the various needs of the latter.

We thank SDC Montcalm for being a dissemination of information and mobilization partner for the 2018 Quebec Fair Trade Month.

Fonds d’action québécois pour le développement durable (FAQDD)

Le Fonds d’action québécois pour le développement durable (FAQDD) initiates, encourages and supports actions aimed at accelerating the adoption of behaviors or practices favorable to sustainable development in Quebec.

Since its creation in 2000, the FAQDD has managed more than $ 61 million, entrusted by the Government of Quebec, whose economic leverage exceeded $ 100 million. This has supported more than 500 initiatives in 17 regions.

The FAQDD is a social innovation player in a network of decision-makers and professionals in sustainable development (associations, cooperatives, companies, ministries, universities and municipalities).

We would like to thank le FAQDD for being a partner for publication of the 2017 Quebec Fair Trade Month information.

Voice of English-speaking Québec (VEQ)

VEQ is a non-profit organization with over 2400 members. For more than 30 years, it has always played a fundamental role in the preservation and development of life within the English-speaking community.

Currently, VEQ is associated with more than 60 community groups and organizations in the region.

In addition, VEQ helps individuals to participate in French and English in community life in the Quebec City area. We welcome newcomers, sponsor community activities, identify needs, inform citizens, and provide the essential elements for an effective response on behalf of English-speaking individuals and institutions.

We thank VEQ for being a partner for the dissemination of information about the Quebec Fair Trade Month to Quebec’s English-speaking community and for hosting us at the Fall Fest in Quebec next September.

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