L’AMIE is are proud to coordinate the 13th edition of the Quebec Fair Trade Month, which will take place from May 1st to 31st 2017.

The Quebec Fair Trade Month

The Quebec Fair Trade Month is an international event which mission is to allow the public to become familiar with fair trade and its benefits for both the southern producers and the northern consumers. It also promotes an alternative mode of consumption that promotes equity in trade between producers the South and the North.

In addition to continuing its public outreach efforts, the coordinating committee will present the diversification and the diversity of fair trade products to the public by informing and supplying merchants with information for their business so they can initiate, pursue, or expand their offerings of fair trade products. To do so, activities will be organized to sensitize, inform, and facilitate the procurement or engagement of people responsible for supplying fair trade organizations, groups, and businesses.

Through these initiatives, we wish to increase the participation of socio-economic actors of the community in the Quebec fair trade town movement; increase the fair trade supply to the consumers of la Capitale-Nationale and finally develop partnerships and a structure ensuring the sustainability of the fair trade movement.

At the same time, the committee is also involved in the Quebec fair trade town initiative, which aims to ensure that la Capitale-Nationale receives Fairtrade Canada‘s “fair trade town” designation within the next few years.

It’s objectives

√ Raise awareness and commitment to social responsibility including that of businesses;

√ Allow people to become responsible consumers and advocate for sustainable food for all;

√ Educate “ordinary people” and “non-consumers” to be responsible consumers;

√ Supporting small producers beyond our borders by posing a gesture of international solidarity accessible to all;

√ Support our Quebec economy through the processing and the distribution of fair trade products in the province;

It’s specific objectives

√ To inform, sensitize and mobilize campuses, schools, events, workplaces and religious groups of La Capitale-Nationale to Fairtrade Canada‘s fair trade designations programs:

Religious groups211

√ Sensitize and inform merchants to initiate or pursue and expand their offer of fair trade products and integrate an informative dimension into their businesses;

√ Sensitize, inform and facilitate fair trade products procurement or commitment to fair trade for people responsible for procurement in organizations, groups and enterprises;

√ Sensitize and inform elected municipal officials about fair trade for integration into all the relevant spheres of competence of the municipality;

√ Increase the participation of socio-economic actors of the Quebec community in the Fair Trade movement;

√ Increase the fair trade supply to consumers of La Capitale-Nationale region;

√ Develop partnerships and a structure to ensure the sustainability of the fair trade movement;

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